Welcome to Quilt the Atlantic!





A new look for Quilt The Atlantic!  Although very similar to the old one, I hope to add many photographs to this version.   I have added a category for retreats so perhaps you can find a getaway in this neighborhood. Bloggers and individuals get a boost with the right sidebar. They sell their goods, patterns, and promote quilting in their own styles. The list in the sidebar does not include shops or longarm quilters, etc., please go to the separate listings under the headers to find that information.  We have some terrific shops in the Atlantic Provinces, offering goods to enhance your fabric stash.  For those new to the area or new to quilting, check out the listings for guilds.  They are an excellent opportunity to make friends with similar interests.  Stitching doesn’t have to be a solitary sport!

                                                                                                                                                      Map AP2